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3 Days Festival
5 Stages
Swimming fun and much more!

3 Days Festival ✯ 5 Stages ✯ Swimming fun and much more!

According to legends and stories, a community once lived at the beautiful Mellensee not far from Berlin in the south. In this oasis 🏝 of art and free spirit, a unique form of togetherness prevailed. Exclusion and mutual evaluation were just as foreign to them as the accumulation of filthy lucre or the overvaluation of work.

Today there is nothing left of this former civilization but forests and old ruins. What has become of this ancient community and what was its secret to freedom and harmony?

If the traditions are true, the secret reveals itself once a year at summer time. 🌠

And so, in 2020, a group of adventurers hungry for life set out for the first time to explore and revive the ways of life of this ancient civilization. And what they have to report from it is breathtaking: magical lights, enchanted forests & ruins, a fantastic lake and unique beings that immerse the entire place in an ether of drifting sounds.

👁 But see for yourself! 👁

For we invite you to join our journey of discovery as we celebrate the Sternfest again this year and walk in the footsteps of these tales. For three days 🌞 and two nights 🌝 we want to celebrate the joy and lightness together, forget the worries of everyday life and explore what really makes our togetherness!

Rebellion der Träumer, Mystic Creatures, Komole and many more crews will give us a piece of festival love. ❤️

Pacaya » mytripismytrip » Raverpik » Township Rebellion » Coco Loris » Kotoe » Oliver Huntemann » Mimi Love » Tom Cordes » Bekka » Sinamin » Planet Caravan » NoNameLeft » Annett Gapstream » Haensen&Gretel » Acid Pauli » Chaos Katy » Perera Elsewhere » Gräfin Zobel » AndShe » MIMIZAN
Tanzen3000 » Tic Tac Techno » Pilocka Krach » Coco Loris » Glenn Shaw » Schwalheim » Tommahawk » Synkope » Horst Haller » Prismode & Solvane » Maka » Remsi » Extrawelt » DJ Sturmfrei » Ameli Paul » Retro Amore » MIRA VÁNA » Schnuppo » AFAR Live » Deep Ändi » ELIXIR
Monkyman » Thea » Baba the Knife » Sarah Wild » Elias Goldmund » bebibelli » bīsu » SHA » skarú » Inhärenz » Sachsentrance » Tarzan loves Jane & Lectronic Sonic » Naicet » Pulli & Chomba » Frida Darko » Sabu! » The Jakob Sisterz » Kaufmann » Ohohouzo » Dirty Harry

What is Sternfest?

Sternfest originated in 2021 as Sternstunde Sommerfest, which had its home in the wonderful Rummels Bucht. The experiences and feedback were so overwhelming that we decided: Sternfest must continue and become even more awesome! 🌪️

For this we have chosen a place where the music, laughter and dance can spread for 3 days. Are you coming too?

Don’t miss a thing:


💣 Lineup Part 2 💣 For the weekend we unveil the second part of our magical lineup! 🎟 Get your Ticket! 🎟 In the enchanted days & nights at Mellensee we meet:
We are tired of the long secrecy and just can’t stand it any longer: finally we can give you a first glimpse of our program this year! 🙌 In the winding corners of our beautiful oasis 🏞 and deep in… Read More