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Thank you! Sternfest 2024 & Super Early Bird Tickets

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Dear ones!

The landing after the Sternfeld 2023 has ruffled our hairstyles quite well and we are still shaking confetti out of our sandals. What a great show!

©Danilo Rößger

It is not yet clear exactly where the Sternfest 2024 will take place. What is certain, however, is when we will fire our rockets again:

The Sternfest 2024 will take place from 07.06.-09.06.2024!

Will you be on board again? Then get your tickets now for the Super-Early-Bird price of 105 € + 4 € presale fee!

The leap from last year to this year in terms of line-up, decoration & production was enormous. However, there are still many areas to improve. To help us improve, we have set up a survey. It only takes 2 minutes to participate, your opinion is super important to us!

And now we also want to say a few words about our beautiful festival:

© Manuela Clemens

We’re speechless – Thank You!

We want to thank all the artists for their fantastic shows! Whether in the WÄDLCHEN, the UNTERHOLZ, the RAVE CAVE, the SCHNUPPEN or on our big WIESE – the atmosphere was boiling everywhere!

Thanks to Mystic CreaturesKomole KollektivEasy TigerFhainest and Schrottpourri for your love for details and your perseverance against the annoying mosquitoes! And a big thank you to the showcases by Rebellion der Träumer*OstendDown. and Sachsen Trance!

© Manuela Clemens

Love goes out to all the technicians (and Otto!), bar peopleawareness crewmedis, our artistcare & stage managersvolunteers and especially the whole production team.

And of course, big smooches go out to the fluffiest crowd we could wish for!

You were all on fire throughout the whole weekend and, with a lot of awareness for each other, the energy was just through the roof. We are really blown away!

©Danilo Rößger


Finally, a small note at the request of our awareness team:
Overall, the Star Festival was a beautiful and well-rounded event, yeah! We would like to thank you for your mindfulness and the many positive feedbacks.

Unfortunately, we also received negative feedback about a person who was supposedly part of our team. Therefore, we feel compelled to describe this situation a bit here.

Several times during the festival we were called because of the same person, who caused trouble in our team but also in other trades. We tried to take care of the person in question as best we could and thus find a good solution for everyone.

This female read person at one point (we suspect it was Sunday morning) stole one of our awareness waistcoats and pretended to be part of the team.

We are very sorry if you have had any unpleasant experiences as a result of this situation.

We will take better care of our waistcoats in the future!
If you still need to talk to us, regarding this or any other situation, please write to us:

© Manuela Clemens